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Will it be necessary to have a visa to enter Spain as of 2022?

Visa to enter Spain:

It is important to clarify that at the moment it will not be necessary for all tourists or people who want to come to Spain to have a visa. So far there is no change.

For a long time, Spain, or rather Europe, has presented two lists detailing the citizenships that do require applying for a visa to be able to come to Spain and another list with all the nationalities who do not need to apply for this visa and who can arrive directly to the country fulfilling a series of requirements.

Among the nationals who must apply for a visa are people from Ecuador, Cuba, Russia or Morocco, and among the nationals who do not require a visa we can find people from Argentina, Brazil or the United States, among others.

For nationals who need to apply for a visa they have to take into account that it is a type C visa, that is, a visa that is processed when they decide to enter Spain for a short period of time, not more than 99 days.


On the other hand, the list of nationals who can arrive directly in the country must meet certain requirements, one of which is to complete the ETIAS form.

The ETIAS form is an additional check to be carried out by national travelers who do not require a short-stay visa to enter Spain.

This form is not a visa as such, but an online form that must be completed before the trip to Spain and where the data on that trip is collected.

When will the ETIAS form be ready?

Initially the form was to be launched in 2021, but with the pandemic everything has been postponed. At the moment, the ETIAS form could be up and running by the end of 2022.

It is therefore not necessary at this time to make any additional arrangements or to complete this online form.

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Rashel Segal


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