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Covid Passport: How to obtain your Covid passport

The growth of the cases of the sixth wave in Spain is leading certain autonomous communities to launch the Covid passport as a measure of control and as an incentive to lower the lists of not vaccinated people.

The use of the Covid passport in some regions is limited to nightly leisure, as the number of patients in the ICU is approaching the summer wave, with almost 1,983 admitted. This sixth wave has grown in a way that has not been seen during the previous waves, with 117,775 new cases this Tuesday.

How can I get my Covid passport?

The health authorities are responsible for issuing the certificate. You can therefore apply for your passport through your autonomous communities.

It can be requested by the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Health, providing one of the following requirements:

  • Has been vaccinated against Coronavirus in Spain,

  • You have had the disease and have a positive test more than 11 days ago,

  • You have a digital certificate or permanent Cl@ve

In most communities, one can apply for the certificate online through the official health application or health portals. In some cases, the passport may be requested in person at some health facilities.

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