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nacionalidad portuguesa por origen sefardí



Portuguese nationality by Sephardic origin is acquired as a result of Decree Law No. 30-A/2015 of February 27, 2015, which grants the possibility of obtaining Portuguese citizenship by Sephardic origin. "Sephardic Jews" is designated to the descendants of the ancient Jews and traditional Jewish communities of the Iberian Peninsula, i.e. Portugal and Spain.

This is a Decree Law of historical reparation, with the sole purpose of compensating the damage caused to an inherent right, this through the possibility of obtaining the Portuguese citiznehsip to the Sephardic Jews and their descendants, who were expelled from both Spain and Portugal in the 15th century. 

Benefits of obtaining Portuguese citizenship

  1. Right to live, work and study in all the European Union.

  2. Free mobility in the Schengen area, with a number of 26 countries.

  3. Family members will have the same rights.

  4. Travel to 185 countries without Visa, including the U.S.

  5. Right to pension and Portuguese Social Security

  6. Fourth most valuable passport in the world.

  7. Attractive tax regime for residents

Alcazar Sevilla



Genealogical study and collection of documents for the application for the certificate of Sephardic origin by the Jewish community of Portugal


Certificate of Jewish origin application

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Collection of documentation

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Application to Portuguese nationality by Sephardic Origin

El Divino Salvador Church

First Steps

The first step to obtain the Portuguese citizenship by Sephardic origin is to find a Sephardic ancestor in your genealogy. To continue with the process it is necessary to carry out a Pre-Study in order to know if you qualify for this process. 

Download the Pre-Study File by clicking below:

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