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Contratación mercantil


"We offer all legal services specialized in business relations, contractual, commercial and any activity inherent to the nature of the company".

Company Law

In our Commercial Law Department we provide comprehensive advice on corporate law, to companies from the beginning of their corporate life, at the time of their incorporation, and until the extinction of their legal personality, thus opting for a recurrent accompaniment in the search for solutions to all legal needs that may arise during the life of the entity.


This advice extends to tasks such as the incorporation of companies; the reform and updating of their by-laws and internal regulations; the increase and reduction of their capital stock; preparation/intervention in general meetings; public registration and drafting of all types of corporate resolutions; separation and exclusion of partners, dissolution and liquidation of companies; participation in corporate restructuring processes (mergers, spin-offs, global transfers of assets and liabilities). 

Commercial Contracts

Within this department we also provide, all the legal needs, daily or strategic, of the companies in the field of commercial, national and international contracting.

Thus, we participate in the drafting, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts, regardless of the sector of activity or its legal nature, terms and conditions, directing our work, at all times, to the simplification of the complexity inherent in commercial operations, taking care of the client beyond the specific commercial transaction, in each phase of its business activity.

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