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Only for procedures in Spain

"Our lawyers and legal advisors are specialized in inmigration, administrative and judicial procedures. As well as application for Spanish residence through family reunification, social roots, family roots, labor roots, student visa, extension of study, application for the Golden Visa, among other services".

Spanish Nationality


  • Nationality by residence

  • Nationality by origin

  • Nationality by birth certificate

Family Reunification

The right of migrants to maintain the unity of their family, thus being able to reunite certain relatives in the country to which they have moved, in this case Spain. The beneficiaries of this right are the spouse, the spouse's minor children and the first-degree ascendants who depend on the spouse.

Work and Residence Authorization

The Work and Residence Authorization is a temporary residence and work authorization that allows a non-resident foreigner in Spain to carry out a lucrative activity as a self-employed or employed person.

Residence authorization
for investors in Spain

Non-resident foreigners who intend to enter Spanish territory for the purpose of making a significant capital investment may apply for a visa for stay or, as the case may be, a residence visa for investors.

Student Permits

The Authorization of Stay for Studies allows the foreigner to remain in Spain in this situation for the purpose of carrying out the study, research, volunteer work or non-working practice activity for which it has been granted.

Residence permit for entrepreneurs and business activity

In order to carry out the previous procedures to be able to develop the entrepreneurial activity, foreigners may apply for a visa to enter and stay in Spain for a period of one year. Once the business activity has started, they will be able to access the "residence for entrepreneurs", which will be valid throughout the national territory.


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