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Why investing in the real estate sector in Portugal?

Portugal is not only a country recognized internationally for being attractive and safe, but also for having a boom in investment in the real estate sector which places the country in the n.3 position worldwide in this economic activity.

Portugal benefits from a high-quality healthcare system and good economic and political stability. And let’s not forget the beautiful cultural diversity, sunny weather most days of the year, sandy beaches, landscapes everywhere and, above all, a lower cost of living than most European countries.

Portugal is both, an ideal destination to discover and where to place your money, as it is at the heart of Southwest Europe.

Golden Visa Portugal 2021

The Golden Visa Portugal is one of the most popular investment residency programs in the world. Since its creation in October 2012, thousands of families have successfully moved to Portugal and started new lives as it allows foreigners residing outside of Europe to acquire a residence permit in Portugal for a minimum period of 5 years.

There are three types of possible investments for such visa:

  • The acquisition of a property of at least €500,000.

  • Minimum transfer of €1,00,000 to the Portuguese bank.

  • Creation of 10 jobs in Portugal.

What are the advantages of the Portuguese Golden Visa program?

  • Live and work in Portugal.

  • Free movement in the Schengen area.

  • Possibility of extending the residence deed to family members.

  • Possibility of applying for permanent residence in Portugal after the 5 years of maintain the program.

  • Possibility of starting a procedure to obtain Portuguese nationality and thus acquire the

  • Portuguese passport in the sixth year of residence in Portugal.

For more information on how to acquire the Portuguese Golden Visa, contact us at

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