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The process of the project of the Democratic Memory Bill is getting more complex

The Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) presented, on September 17th, an amendment that compromises the approval of the processing of the Democratic Memory Bill. One of the initiatives that facilitates access to citizenship for Spanish descendants abroad.

The Republican group does not support this proposal and has decided to present an alternative bill with more forceful measures to promote public policy, but none in relation to access to citizenship for descendants of immigrants.

Faced with the rejection of the rights, the ERC forces the executive to negotiate to move the project forward without the votes of the independent group. Therefore, a presentation of an amendment to the entirety was made instead of partial amendments to attract the vote of other nationalist formations such as the BNG or EH Bildu.

On the other hand, Vox presented a return amendment considering the norm as “immoral and possibly illegal” and announced that if it was approved, it will appeal this law to the Constitutional Court. The Executive has the responsibility of taking this project forward with the support of the Government and is expected that the negotiation could last up to 2022.

Eighth Additional Provision

The project of the Democratic Memory Law includes, in the Eighth Additional Provision, a rule to obtain the Spanish citizenship for those born outside of Spain of parents, grandparents, exiled for political, ideological or belief reasons.

It also includes children born abroad of Spanish women who lost their nationality by marrying foreigners before the 1978 Constitution came into force, as well as children of legal age of those Spaniards to whom was recognized their nationality according to the Seventh Additional Provision of Law 52/2007 (Historical Memory Law).

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