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Find out if your last name is Sephardic and go for the Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin

Sephardic last names or the last names that were used by Sephardic Jews in order to hide their Jewishness during the Inquisition are an indicator of having a Sephardic ancestry and therefore being eligible to obtain Portuguese Nationality through this process.

Currently, historians and scholars of Sephardic culture have compiled hundreds of surnames that were used by Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Spanish Inquisition in 1942 and 1946.

It is important to point out that not all the people with surnames that appear on the list have Sephardic origin and that in order to opt for the nationality through this process, it is necessary to carry out a study of Sephardic origin in which our network of genealogists and historians will determine the applicant eligibility.

The list of names is aimed at people who want to search for their Sephardic heritage without the intention of changing spiritual or religious beliefs. The compilation was carried out by Alex Santi Pereiro, Director of Genealogical Consultation of the Tarbut Shorashim Cultural Association, the Culture of Jewish Roots, Barcelona, Spain.

To see the list click on the following link.

Regardless of whether your last name appears on the list or not, for those interested in acquiring Portuguese Nationality and opting for a European Passport, we immediately offer the possibility of carrying out a Study of Sephardic Origin, which will determine if the applicant is suitable or not for this process.

If you are interested in obtaining the Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible through

Valentina Sierraalta


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